What We Do

MVGS helps companies with private or dedicated fleets of trucks/trailers to maximize the impact of the free ad space on the surface of their fleet at the lowest possible cost.

How We Do It

MVGS's superior graphics posting technology expands the role of fleet graphics from permanent long term branding to also include interchangeable short-term promotions. Our technology also allows companies to enlarge their message from partial to full coverage at comparable cost. A durable aluminum framing system is permanently affixed to the fleet sides, which secures thick vinyl "skins" that have been printed with the client's ad. Framing significantly reduces labor and materials costs versus adhesive application and removal, and thus cuts cost by wide margins.

How We Can Do It For You

Once our agreement is signed, most clients provide us with their own graphic design, and fleet measurements, so we can have the "skins" printed and tailor made to fit each unit. Installation takes place around your delivery schedule, on your premises to eliminate downtime. Once the design disc and unit measurements are in hand, the installation is typically completed within 2 weeks. We also possess graphic design and measurement assistance for clients that require turnkey execution.