Who We Are

Our heritage is based in the transportation equipment leasing\industry where we noticed our clients struggling with the expense and execution of adhesive graphics application and removal as trucks and trailers were added to or removed from their fleets.

Our transportation experience was later sought out by GE Capital to be applied to its recently acquired truck-side advertising company, Media Vehicles. Truck-side advertising is an alternative to billboards and involves advertisers (that do not have their own fleets) posting their ads on other firms trucks and trailers. We noticed the durability and low cost of the framing system versus adhesives in graphics application, and quickly began marketing framing in the fleet graphics arena as well and saw immediate success.

In April of 2002, GE Capital sold its interest in Media Vehicles to a media company whose comfort level lied within media and not transportation circles, and thus chose not to pursue fleet graphics. The company was split along product lines, and Media Vehicles Graphics Solutions, Inc. was formed.